Staff Directory

Mrs. Viveiros-Serra, Principal

Fr. Jack Oliveira, Pastor

Fr. Gerard Hebert, Pastor

Mrs. Tavares, Secretary

Mrs. DaPonte,

Mrs. Brady, Business Manager

Nurse Anna Manny

Scott Baker, Custodian

Mrs. Vareika, PreK 4 Teacher

Mrs. Maltais, Kindergarten

Mrs. Medeiros, 1st Grade

Mrs. Marco, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Benoit, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Nobrega , 4th Grade

Miss Medeiros, 5th Grade

Mrs. Vescio, 6th Grade

Mrs. Costa, 7th Grade

Mr. Malloy, 8th Grade

Mrs Crump, Art

Mrs. Rego, Computers

Mrs. Catalano, Music

Mrs. DeMelo , K Aide

Ms Lima, Grade 1 Aide

Mrs Pontes, Grade 2 Aide

Mrs. Fernandes, PreK 3 Teacher

Ms. Tavares, PK 3 Aide

Mrs Shaanon Cabral, Physical Education

Mrs. Denise Cassara, Spanish

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